What We Do.


Design is about problem solving and we believe that smart design can be a real force for good. Whether it is in finding better garbage disposal systems or simply designing better road signs, designers offer infinite possibilities for more vibrant, more liveable, more inclusive cities.

Design for Media Centre

Transforming Urban Slums

Tangra Pilot Project

Re-imagining College Street

Energizing Damzen Lane

Chhatawallah Gullee Clean-Up

Driving Growth with Food Streets

Redesigning Waste Disposal


We leverage the power of the arts, culture, design and community to energise urban spaces, spur economic growth, and revitalise disinvested communities. 

Cheenapara Heritage Walk

Latest Talk (cancelled)

India Conversations

Makeover Visualisations

Kolkata Conversations

Chinatown Walk with Amitav Ghosh

My Chinatown Workshop

IIM Study Group on Cheenapara


We take special interest in projects and people that make the world a better place, providing pro bono design, branding, content services to micro businesses, NGO and  social enterprises.

Doonya pods for the homeless

Mobile Library for war-torn Kabul

Unicef Awareness

Campaign for Goonj


We go into meticulous historical research, surveys, documentation and into acquiring a deep understanding of the architectural structure of buildings, the cultural history of the area and the community.

Our Project Report

Site Plan by CEPT, Aarhus team

Chapter on Kolkata's Heritage

Chinatown Survey