1.6 billion people live in unsafe, inadequate housing

Doonya wants to change that.

DOONYA SHOP+HOMES• Built-in-a-Day • Flat-Packed• Modular • Full Facility • Green• Transient • Affordable Housing.

Transforming the Lives of Millions


That’s how many people live in unsafe, inadequate housing around the world.


That’s how many people around the world who have no roof above their heads.

Full facility modular live-work spaces

Wi-fi enabled, built-in alarm, solar powered

Empowering women, minorities, marginalised

GPS positioned unique address

No Eviction

Doonya is an in-situ upgrade and ensures that slum dwellers and squatters are not displaced.

No Land Acquisition

Doonya is a quasi-permanent home, leased for a fixed period.

No Quality Cuts

It comes as a pre-packaged unit leaving little scope for being shortchanged.

No Long Drawn Paperwork

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo and more.

No Complex Permits

Doonya units will be set up in selected govt/pvt plots and will require minimum approvals.

No Price Escalation

Housing projects incur huge hidden and unforeseen costs that Doonya does away with.

Every DOONYA unit has a unique GPS address

Address = Identity = Bank Loan = BusinessDoonya can unlock the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid.


Proper, safe homes for all will dramatically raise a city's productivity, decrease crime and increase wellbeing and happiness.


A tea stall, a tailoring shop, a recycling unit...Doonya is suitable for a range of small enterprises.


A Home to Enrich and Delight

To give perspective on how spacious and liveable Doonya is, we have furnished it for a small family of four or five members. From left to right, Top Row: 1. The Prototype in the warehouse 2. The family area with fold-out bed 3. The shop 4. Sleep, study, play area for kids on mezzanine Bottom Row: 1. The mezzanine looking out on the terrace 2. Entrance area with toilet door 3. The open terrace for urban farming, rain water harvesting, solar panels and more 4. The boys who built it: from left, Kannan, Zakir, Nijam, Kabir and Rakib.



Ours is a problem solving approach to design, backed by meticulous research and groundwork. Below are some snatches of what makes Doonya special – technology, humanitarian mindset, research,  and human-centred design.

1. Samuel Vedanaigam in front of a built-in-a-day emergency operating room that is still functioning, 8 years after the Bohol earthquake.
2. Local kids gather near their new hospital.
3. Rinkoo Bhowmik (right) with a family of rag pickers, understanding the challenges of informal settlements.
4. Jackie Lai winning a design award. All three Doonya ideators believe in the power of good design to do good.

Hospital, Bohol

Bohol, Philippines

Kolkata, India


The People Behind Doonya

This trio wants to make 'Housing For All' a reality.

Conceived by Rinkoo Bhowmik (centre) of The CHA Project (CITIES • HERITAGE • ARCHITECTURE), Doonya is designed and built by Sam Vedanaigam (left), CEO of The Shelter Company using his patented Tubelar technology. Interior Design is by Jackie Lai (right), CEO, JIA Studios.

The Doonya prototype will be launched at Singapore's National Design Centre in June 2021.

We are looking for Partners.

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